About Us
Known as the biggest teenage competition in the Southern Hemisphere Miss Teen Australia is much more than an Australian National competition for teenagers
“ Teenagers make the best role models for other teenagers.
Let them lead by example; let them follow their dreams;
and let their actions speak louder than words.”
Miss Teen Australia is a company that was created in 2004 by entrepreneur and executive producer Gavin A Dooley as a stepping stone to international events such as Miss Universe, Miss World and World Teen Supermodel productions, and coined the phrases, “Who will be the keeper of the Crown” and “Teenagers make the best role models for Teenagers, let them lead by example, let them follow their dreams and let their actions speak louder than words”

This Choreographed show not only exposes the latest fashions and Australia’s leading designers, it’s also an opportunity to discover Australia’s most outstanding young women aged between 13-15yrs in the Junior category and 16-19yrs in the senior category and provides them with a platform for national achievement and international recognition and exposure in an honest and fair competition

Miss Teen Australia has a great track record in international events second to none and comprises a team of event and production specialists based throughout Australia, and with local knowledge and a demonstrated ability of dedication, hard work and a commitment to style and professionalism, attention to detail, we believe, is the key to success reflecting the quality of the service we provide

Miss Teen Australia's team has over 150 years of collective industry experience in all diverse aspects of the Film, TV and Entertainment industries, offering an innovative and creative production, that in turn reflects Australia’s professional expertise and we are pleased to introduce our executive team
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