Senior Judging Criteria
The Miss Teen Australia Pageant contestants will be judged in a traditional style with a modern approach and will cover the following areas in the National Finals - however, the following process may vary in the preliminary judging from state to state

1) Personal Interviews
Delegates will be interviewed by each of the high profile Guest Judge's. This will be the first chance for the Judges to meet and greet the Delegates

2) Presentation
This Category is judged during the Finals where Finalists will have the chance to demonstrate their ability to present themselves either on stage and/or in front of camera

3) Swimwear and/or Active Wear
The swimwear category will be judged (for seniors) and active wear (for juniors) and marks will be scored and be based on the Presentation, Cut and Style of the fabric

4) Evening Gown and/or Formal Wear
Evening Gown (for seniors) and Formal Wear (for juniors) will be judged on the Design and the Craftsmanship of the garment. National Finalist will be judged on their poise and grace and marks will be awarded on the Finalist ability to present their Evening / Formal Wear

5) People's Choice winner
The People's Choice winners (seniors and juniors) will be selected from the Internet Voting Judging section which gives the General Public a chance to voice their opinion who should be in the Top 10 National Finalist….the winner of this section will receive a Wild Card and become an automatic Finalist

AWARDS will be awarded in the following Category’s
Miss Teen Australia
Miss Photogenic
Miss People's Choice
Best Evening Gown
Miss Congeniality
Best swimwear

Senior Entry Criteria
Do you possess unique physical beauty?
Is keeping fit and healthy a priority?
Are you motivated and driven to succeed and
is your ambition tempered by a desire to help others as a role model for others to follow?

Well, if you have the above qualities you could be our next Miss Teen Australia

The Miss Teen Australia is much more than the biggest modeling contest in Australia. This choreographed show is an opportunity to discover Australia’s most outstanding young women, and provide a platform for national achievement and international recognition. It’s not necessary to be a professional model to enter into this prestigious event. However to satisfy the entry criteria you must:

  • - must turn 16 years of age before December 31st in the year of the competition;
  • - must not turn 20 years of age before December 31st in the year of the competition;
  • - be an Australian citizen or permanent resident for the past 6 months;
  • - hold a valid passport or eligible to hold one;
  • - be a person who was born female that's not pregnant or has given birth;
  • - be a person who enjoys travelling;
  • - Have good communication skills and enjoy talking to people
  • - be able to demonstrate a high standard in public speaking;
  • - Have a strong commitment to the pursuit of excellence;
  • - be a person of good character, possess charm, poise and personality and be fit and healthy;
  • - Have a strong desire to represent your country; and
  • - Be Australia’s ambassador overseas as well as at in International events and functions.
  • - be a person who has never been married or is not engaged to or be married; and
  • - has never been through any ceremony either valid or invalid and whether civil, religious or tribal which is recognised as a marriage ceremony in any part of the world;

Judging System

Preliminary Judging Process (PJP):

  • - Entrants questionnaire
  • - Entrants photos
  • - Entrants online support via social media

  • STAGE 2
    Regional Finals Judging Process (RFJP):

    The RFJP (or Preliminary Judging) will be formally judged during a time selected by either the Regional and/or State Manager to select a Regional Representative to compete in the State Finalist that may focus on the following areas:

  • - Swimwear (16-19yrs) and Sports Wear Section (13-15yrs)
  • - Evening Gown (16-19yrs) and Casual Wear (13-15yrs)

  • STAGE 3
    Remote Judging Process (RJP):

    The RJP system is for official entries that live more than 400km away from the official Venue nominated for Judging and/or are unable to attend the day of Judging for a valid reason:

  • - Entrants video presentation - Entrants need to demonstrate poise and grace whilst walking
  • - Entrants phone call interview - This will be the final opportunity for entrants to make the finals where they will be asked random questions to judge their question response, charm, poise, confidence, personality and sense of humour.

  • STAGE 4
    State Finals Judging Process (SFJP):

    The SFJP system will be formally judged during a time selected by the State Manager, to select a State Representative to compete in the National Finals that may focus on the following areas:

  • - Swimwear (16-19yrs) and Sports Wear Section (13-15yrs)
  • - Evening Gown (16-19yrs) and Formal Wear (13-15yrs)
  • - Random Question

  • STAGE 5
    Peoples Choice Judging Process (PCJP):

    The PCJP system is the last chance for all official entrants to enter that allows them to be given a wildcard entry into the National Finals - where the entrants that receives the most amounts of likes on our FB and/or internet votes via our voting system will receivie an automatic wildcard entry into the National Finals of Miss Teen Australia

    STAGE 6
    National Finals Judging Process (NFJP):

    The NFJP system will be formally judged during a time selected by the National Manager and/or Director of Operations/Production to select a senior National Representative to compete in International events, holding the title of Miss Teen Australia (16-19yrs) and will represent Australia overseas - this National Finals will also select a Junior finalists to be a role model for other Juniors to follow and will hold the title of - Junior Miss Teen Australia (13-15yrs) : 

    The NFJP may focus on the following areas:

  • - Punctuation and Attitude
  • - Personal Presentation and Hygene
  • - Personal Interviews
  • - Stage Presentation
  • - Swimwear (16-19yrs) and Sports Wear Section (13-15yrs)
  • - Evening Gown (16-19yrs) and Formal Wear (13-15yrs)
  • - Random Question (Top 10)