“Beauty pageants are not as difficult as you thought”

Miss Teen Australia is not like any other pageant or competition in the world and has become a really fun and exciting national event for teenagers that’s divided into two categories, Junior (13-15yrs) and Senior (16-19yrs)

What if I don’t have any modeling experience?

Well, our first winner, Lauren Eagle, was only 15 when she entered and had never done any modeling before, had never entered a modeling competition or had even walked on a runway, but she did have an important quality…..

…..she just wanted to have fun and entered to see what is was like and didn’t worry about what people thought. She was just herself and impressed the judges and won in Darwin 2004. So we flew her to Coast Rica to represent Australia at the Miss Teen International event and she won the Crown and several other awards

Is beauty pageant all about Charity Activity or Talent Show?

Yes, and No. As you can see, Lauren Eagle didn’t have any related experience neither did Chelsea, who was the runner up in 2018 and won the International Teen title in Fiji in 2019
You don’t need to be experienced, and there is no talent section, and you don’t have to raise money for charity or worry about a theme costume or what to wear, and there is no height or weight restriction. We just have one golden rule, you need to be yourself and your confidence will grow.

How do I prepare?

As our team will let you know what you need, and guide you what to do and help you where possible and provide you with the expertise and experience so you can compete at a national and at an international level – just remember the golden rule, you need to be yourself and your confidence will grow.

Here is some advice from our National Director Sue Rees who is also the Founder of Sue Rees modelling & deportment academy

"Beauty Pageants have positive impacts on individuals it encourages growth in confidence, outgoing personality and positive self images. Many contestants are often bullied Beauty Pageants is a way for them to improve their self esteem".

Do you have a hard time with your confidence? Look for a model (someone who is self confident) and learn from them. What is that makes them confident? How do they act? Often if you act confidently you will feel more self-assured. Sometimes a smile is all you need but there many other steps you can take to feel more relaxed in any given situation.

You still don’t know how to do it?
Here are 5 easy steps for you to follow

Step one – prepare, prepare, prepare

Prepare thoroughly for any task so that you can assure you are ready. Knowing that you have prepared well will make you better able to cope with anything that may come up.

Step two – Smile!

Always smile and stand up straight. Your posture and smile will project confidence and you will better be able to cope with anything. You will also find that others respond to you better and this will give you an added boost.

Step three - Act as if you are self-confident!

By doing so, you will feel more confident. Focus on who you are self-confident! You will feel more confident.

Step four - Step four - Focus on your achievements

Focus on your achievements rather than your failures. If you do find yourself thinking about how you failed then look at what you managed to do right and how you could correct what you did next time. This change in attitude makes you more positive and that outlook will change how you cope with all the challenges you face.

Step five - Reward yourself

Reward yourself when you succeed no matter how small the achievement. Remind yourself that you are moving forward with determination and that you are one step closer to achieving your goal.

Here is a quote that I love -

"You're always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company"

Beauty pageants are not as difficult as you thought

So as you can see, entering a beauty pageant is not as difficult as you might think and if you want to do something very cool and look back on something you can be proud of or perhaps follow in the footsteps of our past winners, now is the time

Miss Teen Australia’s track record in international events is 2nd to none, so our proven formulae, advice and expertise help young women to reach their objectives and goals that have very little experience such as Lauren and those who do have experience such as our recent representative, Chelsea, who won the Teen title in Fiji (2019)

However, we do have a strict time limit, so it’s important you enter and not put it off otherwise you could miss out on an amazing opportunity and journey